2 Endangered Barn Owls Released in S. Indiana County

Photo: indianapublicmedia.org


BLOOMINGTON, Ind.  — Two rare barn owls have been released in an area of southern Indiana where wildlife experts suspect another of the raptors is living.

The two female owls were released Wednesday inside a Monroe County pole barn that’s fitted with an opening that leads to a nesting box for the state-endangered owl species .

The owls were placed inside the box in the hopes that they’ll use it as their home base.

Staff with WildCare Inc., a Bloomington wildlife rehabilitation center, released the owls while the property owners and state Department of Natural Resources staff watched.

Amanda Wrigley of Wildcare tells The Herald-Times there’s evidence, including droppings, suggesting a male barn owl lives nearby.

Barn owls have a distinctive, heart-shaped face and are so-named because they often build their nests in barns.

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