Firefighter Suspended For Making Pornography Inside Ohio Station

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Two Ohio firefighters from the Akron Fire Department have been suspended after they were accused of shooting pornography inside a fire station.

Lieutenant Arthur Dean, 49, and provisional lieutenant Deann Eller, 42, were placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation on Monday, over allegations that they were making porn inside an Akron fire station, reported The two were in a long-term relationship, but did not work at the same station.

During a press conference on Monday, Akron Fire Chief Clarence Tucker condemned the two firefighters’ alleged actions as “shocking and distressing to say the least.” Tucker confirmed that Dean and Eller shot pornographic content on city property and revealed that an investigation was being conducted to determine where and when the incidents occurred, reported WBTV.

“[The allegations bring] unwelcome dishonor and embarrassment to this department and this city,” Tucker said. “I know this department, and this is not who we are.” He added: “As chief I will never condone or tolerate any behavior that violates the trust the public places in us.”

According to Akron City spokesperson Ellen Nischt, an unidentified person alerted the department to explicit materials that were posted online, which led to an internal investigation into whether the footage was shot on city property.

In a joint statement, Akron City’s Mayor Dan Horrigan and Fire Chief Clarence Tucker confirmed that “prompt and appropriate action” will be taken against the two firefighters following the investigation.

Both Dean and Eller have been working for the Akron Fire Department since 2000. The Akron Police Department is not involved in this case and the pair have not been accused of any criminal activity. Following the investigation, they face possible termination.

A spokesperson for the local firefighters’ union told Associated Press that Dean and Eller do not wish to comment. The exact firehouse where the videos were shot has not been identified.

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