See the trend of teen births in your Michigan county

Source: Sunday Times


About 5 percent of Michigan babies born in 2016 had a teenage mother.

That compares to 10 percent in 2010, an indication of the precipitous drop in teen births in Michigan.

Below is an an online database showing that allows readers to look up the numbers for individual counties, based on data from the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

The database shows 2016 births to women age 15 to 19, as well as the fertility rate — i.e., births per 1,000 women in that age group, as well as the changes since 2009 and 1989.

You can rank counties in any category. Start by clicking on “all counties,” then click on the heading of the column you want to rank.

Click once for a ranking that starts with the lowest number; click twice to rank by the highest number.

Next is an interactive map showing teen births by the 2016 fertility rate. You can put your cursor over a county to see the underlying data.

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