US Launches Military Strike Against Syria

April 7, 2017 jstom50 0

  The United States launched a military strike Thursday on a Syrian government target in retaliation for their chemical weapons attack on civilians earlier in the week. On President Donald Trump’s orders, US warships launched […]


Is Trump a Saviour for Middle Eastern Christians?

February 13, 2017 jstom50 0

  When it started raining during President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, Reverend Franklin Graham interpreted it as a sign of God’s blessing. A few hours earlier, Trump had heard from Pastor Robert Jeffress that “it […]


Trump to Honor ‘One China’ Policy

February 10, 2017 jstom50 0

  President Donald Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping in a telephone conversation that the U.S. intends to honor the “One China” policy by acknowledging China’s position it has sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan. The White […]

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