Ohio: Another Brick in the Red Wall?

November 24, 2018 theohiominer 0

  The midterm elections showed that the Democrats’ blue wall is being rebuilt brick by brick in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northern Illinois. A red wall also seems to be going up, and its […]


Invasive mile-a-minute weed found in Iowa

August 3, 2018 theohiominer 0

  The invasive weed, called mile-a-minute weed, has been in the mid-Atlantic states, but hadn’t been found further west than Indiana, Kentucky and an outlier in Oregon. ISU weed scientist, Bob Hartzler, the Iowa Department […]


Obama endorses 6 Iowa Democratic candidates

August 2, 2018 theohiominer 0

  Barack Obama waded back into Iowa election politics Wednesday with the endorsements of six candidates for statewide offices and legislative seats. The former president, who carried Iowa in both 2008 and 2012, endorsed Democrats […]

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