Greenpeace, Facebook Paid Ads & The Russian

March 30, 2018 tomi87xs 0

  Could the Russians use Greenpeace?  According to its U.S. tax declaration of Greenpeace US, Greenpeace Inc. and the Greenpeace Foundation recently published on ProPublica (see here), the answer is yes. At least more questions […]


Ohio gets more firepower in fentanyl fight

March 16, 2018 tomi87xs 0

  Local law enforcement officers are getting much needed manpower and training support from the federal government in the fight against the fentanyl pipeline from China and Mexico. Homeland Security Investigations special agents who work […]


Murray Energy’s war on clean energy in Ohio

March 10, 2018 tomi87xs 0

  Coal producer Murray Energy lobbied on the latest bill to roll back renewable energy “mandates” in Ohio, while it fought for government intervention to prevent the closure of old and uncompetitive coal-fired power plants. […]

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